(Re-Post) 18r Essay Chat - On Three Ways of Writing for Children (Brenton Dickieson)


IN THIS REPEAT: An essay chat on the shorter work by Lewis called "On Three Ways of Writing for Children."

On_Three_Ways_of_Writing_for_Children.jpThis week is the final "catch-up" of a previous essay chat that hadn't yet been re-released since changing podcast hosting to Podbean in late 2014. In the early 1950's Lewis began releasing a series of books that he is most associated with now. Lewis gave a talk in 1952 when less than half of his Narnia stories were published. The name of the essay version is "On Three Ways of Writing for Children." Brenton Dickieson, a frequent podcast guest explores this shorter work with host William O'Flaherty. The best place to find the article version is in a collection called On Stories.



(Re-Post) 2016 Podcast Recap


IN THIS REPEAT: If you are new to my podcast, here's a great way to learn about all the new ones I did in 2016.

2016_Podcast_Recap.jpgDuring 2016 I shared a variety of shows on my All About Jack podcast. While less than thirty were brand new, close to fifteen I shared had not been available previously at the location where I now have my audio files hosted. Below you'll find a list of the programs that weren't tied to just 2016 (that is, events held during that year). In the past two years I did a two-part show that shared brief excerpts from nearly all of the totally new show, but frankly I just didn't have the time to do that. So, be sure to look over the list to discover podcasts you might have missed or want to hear again. Additionally, in 2016 I began to post in my iTunes and Podbean feed older shows, or reminders of programs from the current year. What you'll hear in this podcast is a couple of highlights from three shows that showcase the variety of programs I had.





WRL02 - Dymer


Dymer_3_Covers_.jpgThis podcast focuses on one of the lesser known works by C.S. Lewis; a long narrative poem entitled Dymer. This show is part of an occasional series indirectly begun in 2016 and officially kicked-off this year, 2017. The series is called "Why Read Lewis," and the aim is to encourage you to read or re-read works written by Lewis. Today's program features just three individuals reflecting and/or summarizing Dymer. They are Dr. Jerry Root, Dr. Crystal Hurd and Dr. Don King.
Dymer was first published in 1926, prior to Lewis becoming a Christian and was later reprinted in 1950.



(Re-Post) 200 Seconds in Hell with C.S. Lewis Episode 3


IN THIS REPEAT: A reminder of my 3rd episode of "200 Seconds in Hell" that is about humility. 

Practicing humility can be a very humbling experience, one that might just lead to pride! At least that's what Wormwood is partly told he should try to make happen with his patient in The Screwtape Letters. In this third episode of "200 Seconds in Hell with C.S. Lewis" you'll be reminded about some of the ways the devils try to twist humility to make it a weapon for their gain.

2017 is the 75th anniversary of when The Screwtape Letters was first published. So, why not read it again! And consider getting my enhanced study guide to help you enjoy it even more. Get a free 20 page PDF sample of my book via ScrewtapeCompanion.com.



(Re-Post) 17r Essay Chat - Horrid Red Things (Dr. Charlie Starr)


IN THIS REPEAT: Here's an essay chat with Dr. Charlie Starr about the shorter work entitled HORRID RED THINGS.

EC17r_-_Horrid_Red_Things.jpgAfter beginning an occasional series examining a single essay from Lewis in 2012 and doing more than a dozen that year, I ended up doing a lot fewer since that time. The following discussion with Dr. Charlie Starr was first released in April, 2013. It’s on the essay “Horrid Red Things.” The hope is that by listening to this essay chat you will want to read or re-read it. “Horrid Red Things” can be most easily found in a collection called God in the Dock. Charlie has been on several other shows since this essay chat. Be sure to check the links below to hear the other programs.


(Re-Post) 200 Seconds in Hell with C.S. Lewis Episode 2


IN THIS REPEAT: Here's a reminder about my mini-series highlighting THE SCREWTAPE LETTERS. This is the 2nd episode (links below to a few others)

200 Seconds Ep 2

Laughter is a funny business and you can learn more about its causes in this second episode of "200 Seconds in Hell with C.S. Lewis." If you are just learning about this short-term podcast then be sure to also listen to the debut show that overviews my focus on The Screwtape Letters.

2017 is the 75th anniversary of when The Screwtape Letters was first published. So, why not read it again! And consider getting my enhanced study guide to help you enjoy it even more. Get a free 20 page PDF sample of my book via ScrewtapeCompanion.com. 



(Re-Post) Preparing for Easter (New Lewis Book of Devotional Readings)


IN THIS REPEAT: A book of readings that is enjoyable apart from Easter. 

Preparing_for_Easter_2017_.jpgHas celebrating the resurrection of Christ become routine for you each Easter? Learn about a new collection of devotional readings from the previously published writings of C.S. Lewis to help bring you to a renewed understanding of Jesus's sacrifice. Zach Kincaid is my guest for this podcast interview to talk about Preparing for Easter, a new resource for 2017. He went through all of Lewis's writings and selected the readings, along with two passages from the Bible to aid all Christians deepening their knowledge and appreciation of this holy season.



(Re-Post) 16r Essay Chat - Willing Slaves of the Welfare State (Dr. Crystal Hurd)


IN THIS REPEAT: Another essay chat - this on "Willings Slaves of the Welfare State" with Dr. Crystal Hurd.


Back in April 2012 I began an occasional series of essay chats. Each of these podcasts examine a single shorter work that C.S. Lewis wrote with the hopes of encourage you to read or re-read it. As "Willing Slaves of the Welfare State" is repeated with this show, I find it hard to believe that I actually did sixteen over a seven month span. Of course, back then my program wasn't very old and this was a fairly easy way to create a new podcast. My guest for this essay chat is a familiar name; Dr. Crystal Hurd has been on the show many times. Crystal is an educator and researcher from Virginia who is currently researching the role of artists as leaders. The essay discussed can most easily be found in God in the Dock.


(Re-Post) Honoring the Legacy of Dr. Christopher Mitchell


IN THIS REPEAT: Three years ago this month Dr. Mitchell unexpectedly died; here's a reflection of his life by some friends. 


July 10th was the one-year anniversary of Dr. Christopher Mitchell's death. Last year (2014) I posted a show featuring several individuals sharing their thoughts about his life and work. Because at that time my audio files where hosted at another location it seemed appropriate to re-post it now. If you are not familiar with who Chris was it's because he was a humble person who, although very influential in the many ways, preferred focusing on encouraging others than spending time trying to make a name for himself. 


(Re-Post) Deeper Magic (Dr. Donald T. Williams)


IN THIS REPEAT: My last new podcast interview that explores the theology of C.S. Lewis. 

Deeper_Magic.jpgWhile C.S. Lewis is known for being outspoken about his Christian faith, it's difficult to find specifics about what he believed in some aspects of Theology. This is not unusual because he wasn't a Theologian, even though he did manage to help many understand various theological issues. Fortunately, a new book by Dr. Donald T. Williams, entitled Deeper Magic: The Theology Behind the Writings of C.S. Lewis tackles the topic. This podcast interview provides an overview of his book that not only summarizes Lewis' views but also gives an analysis of them. Dr. Williams has previously been on All About Jack with a couple of podcasts featuring two different talks that related to the subject.



(Re-Post) Preacher Lewis - 75 Years Later (William O’Flaherty)


IN THIS REPEAT: Here's a talk William O'Flaherty gave in 2014, the 75th anniversary of the first sermon that Lewis preached.



The following is not an interview, but a talk that I recent gave in TN at the C.S. Lewis Society of Chattanooga. The topic is about when Lewis spoke at church. He gave his first sermon 75 years ago…the debut was in 1939. I provide an overview of what we know about the times he preached and greater details about his first, last and best messages. 



(Re-Post) 75th Anniversary Reflections on The Screwtape Letters


IN THIS REPEAT: This month in 1941 Lewis wrote the preface to THE SCREWTAPE LETTERS. Here are some reflections on the greatness of that book.  

Screwtape_Anniversary_Reflections.jpgAs this podcast is released it's the 75th anniversary of the very first letter from Screwtape. Before the book version of The Screwtape Letters was published in 1942, The Guardian (a church publication that is no longer published) released the letters weekly, starting on May 2, 1941. What follows are short reflections from a variety of individuals about the landmark material that was Lewis' first claim to fame. Comments are from Dr. Bruce Edwards, Dr. Jerry Root, Brenton Dickieson, Andrew Lazo, Christin Ditchfield, Rev. Dr. Bruce R. Johnson, Mark Wallace Maguire, Dr. Don King, Dr. Crystal Hurd and Sandy Smith. Follow the links below to learn more about them.


(Re-Post) 15r Essay Chat - Lilies That Fester (Allyson Wieland)


IN THIS REPEAT: An essay chat about a shorter work entiltled "Lilies That Fester."  

EC15r-LiliesThatFester.jpgThis is the fifteenth essay chat that is part of an occasional series focusing on the shorter works from C.S. Lewis. It was recorded back in 2012 and hasn't been shared since moving my audio hosting to PodBean.com. This chat explores "Lilies That Fester," an essay best found in The World's Last Night. William O'Flaherty spoke with Allyson Wieland about this piece. Allyson is the creator of CSL Book Club, an online resource for discussion questions for a number of books by C.S. Lewis.


(Re-Post) 14r Essay Chat - On Stories pt. 2 (Andrew Lazo)


In this repeat: Here's the second of a two-part essay chat on the shorter work "On Stories."

This is the second and final part of a podcast focusing on "On Stories" by C.S. Lewis. This is the lead essay in On Stories: And other Essays on Literature. William O'Flaherty spoke with Andrew Lazo about this shorter work back in 2012. Andrew, who does a lot of behind the scenes work related to Lewis, is the co-editor of Mere Christians, a book containing testimonies of various individuals who were dramatically impacted by the writings of C.S. Lewis.  In this second part Andrew addresses the issue of the importance of re-reading stories. Favorite quotes from this essay are also shared, along with  where to find other material where Lewis addresses the topics in this essay (links to purchase are below).


(Re-Post) 13r Essay Chat - On Stories pt. 1 (Andrew Lazo)


IN THIS REPEAT: The first of a two-part essay chat on the shorter work by Lewis called "On Stories."

OnStoriesEssayChatpt1.jpg"On Stories" is the namesake essay in On Stories: And other Essays on Literature. William O'Flaherty spoke with Andrew Lazo back in 2012 about this shorter work by C.S. Lewis. Among the topics it explores is what makes a story pleasurable and why fairy tales do follow a strict logic. This is the first of a two-part episode on it (this first show alone is 20 minutes). Learn about when this essay was first published and some keys points made in the article in this first part. Next week's segment deals primarily with the issue of the importance of re-reading stories.


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