(Re-post) Introducing Why Read Lewis

IN THIS REPEAT: A new series on why reading Lewis himself is important. This debut features six different experts.


Why_Read_Lewis_-_Introduction_GRAPIC.jpgWelcome to a new occasional podcast series designed to encourage you to read books that C.S. Lewis wrote (or edited). Even those who have read a variety of works by him are surprised to learn he wrote more than forty during his lifetime. Additionally, there are numerous books (mostly essay collections) created after his death. As you are likely aware, Lewis wrote in a variety of styles or genres. How many have you read? This new podcast will usually focus on a SINGLE work by Lewis with between three to five individuals sharing thoughts about it. However, because this episode introduces the series, it has comments on six DIFFERENT titles (as noted in the picture). Dr. Michael Ward, Brenton Dickieson, Sørina Higgins, Dr. Crystal Hurd, Dr. Jerry Root and Mark Neal share in this introductory show.




(Re-Post) C. S. Lewis on Prayer (Video Study by Rev. David Beckmann)

IN THIS REPEAT: An interview about a series of videos to help you understand Letters to Malcolm

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CSL_on_Prayer_Beckmann_Videos_.jpgHow familiar are with Letters to Malcolm: Chiefly on Prayer? Rev. David Beckmann has studied this book a lot and given a variety of talks on it. Now he has pulled together that experience and put it into a series of online videos that was filmed in and around Oxford. That's why he's my guest on this new All About Jack podcast. Learn more about this eight-part series and where to go to watch the first session for free. Beckmann is an Anglican priest, recent director of the C. S. Lewis Study Center at the Kilns, and Moderator of the CS Lewis Society of Chattanooga.



(Re-Post) C. S. Lewis and the Art of Writing (Dr. Corey Latta)

IN THIS REPEAT: The 2nd new episode from 2017 about a book from Dr. Corey Latta entitled C.S. Lewis and the Art of Writing

CSL_and_the_Art_of_Writing.jpgYou obviously know that C.S. Lewis was a writer, but did you know that he wrote a good deal of advice on writing? That's the focus of this podcast interview about a book called C.S. Lewis and the Art of Writing. The author is Dr. Corey Latta and in this book he's broken that advice down into fifty bit-size chapters that also gives some optional exercises to help you put that advice into practice. The book has a biographical tone to it, so even if you are not a writer you can still enjoy it. Plus, some of the tips on writing can be applied to other creative endeavors.



(Re-Post) - America Discovers C.S. Lewis (Dr. K. Alan Snyder)

IN THIS REPEAT: The first new interview I did in 2017; about the book America Discovers C.S. Lewis by Dr. Alan Snyder.

America_Discovers_CSL.jpgIf you live in the United States, then you are probably not too surprised to know that a lot of people here know about C.S. Lewis. Did you know it was first an American who helped to tell the world about him? That's just a small part of what you'll find in a book called America Discovers C.S. Lewis by history professor, Dr. Alan Snyder. Alan also explores the contrast between a young C.S. Lewis who had negative views about the U.S. and a more mature Lewis who married an American, along with telling about a variety of individuals who have been profoundly impacted by his life and writings.



2017 Podcast Review

In 2017 I introduced several new series - one short-term, another that is occasional and the final one that was actually a mini-series of short podcasts. Overall, I posted over thirty shows that has not been shared where I have my audio files hosted. Below you'll find a list of the programs that were presented in 2017. When you listen to this podcast you will hear a small sample of them. So, in a better late than never category, here's my look back at 2017!




(Re-Post) EC07r - Myth Became Fact (with Dr. Michael Ward)

IN THIS REPEAT: For the seventh essay chat I had Dr. Michael Ward discussing "Myth Become Fact."


"Myth Became Fact" was the seventh essay chat I produced back in 2012. Although not directly related to Easter, it does touch on some aspects of it. I had the pleasure of catching up with Dr. Michael Ward, author of The Narnia Code and other books for this discussion. Note that we had some recording problems and the audio quality unfortunately didn't come out as well as hoped. The essay is best found in God in the Dock.


(Re-Post) EC06r -Meditation on the Third Commandment (with Allyson Wieland)

IN THIS REPEAT: Here's a repeat of my sixth essay chat that deals with the 3rd commandment



"Meditation on the Third Commandment" was the sixth essay chat produced when I started them in 2012. I'm repeating it now because many of you weren't aware of my shows back then. My special guest for this chat was Allyson Wieland. Allyson is the creator of behind CSL Book Club, an online resource for discussion questions for a number of books by C.S. Lewis. This essay is found in God in the Dock.


(Re-Post) Preparing for Easter (New Lewis Book of Devotional Readings)

IN THIS REPEAT: A book of readings that is enjoyable apart from Easter. 

Preparing_for_Easter_2017_.jpgHas celebrating the resurrection of Christ become routine for you each Easter? Learn about a new collection of devotional readings from the previously published writings of C.S. Lewis to help bring you to a renewed understanding of Jesus's sacrifice. Zach Kincaid is my guest for this podcast interview to talk about Preparing for Easter, a new resource for 2017. He went through all of Lewis's writings and selected the readings, along with two passages from the Bible to aid all Christians deepening their knowledge and appreciation of this holy season.



(Re-Post) EC05r - The Seeing Eye with Will Vaus (Essay Chat)

IN THIS REPEAT: Continuing to remind you of my essay chats. This is the fifth one I did. It's on "The Seeing Eye." It focus on just that essay. 


The following is a repeat of an earlier essay chat I first posted in 2012. This is the fifth in an occasional series of programs examining a single shorter work by C.S. Lewis. Today Will Vaus is my guest, he has written a number of books related to C.S. Lewis. Below you can find links to some I've done an interview with him. In this program we explore "The Seeing Eye" which is most easily found in the book Christian Reflections.


(Re-Post) EC04r - “Is Theology Poetry?” with Dr. Holly Ordway (Essay Chat)

IN THIS REPEAT: "Is Theology Poetry?" - the fourth essay chat


The following is a repeat of the fourth  "essay chat" program.  For those not familiar with it, the purpose of this show is to focus on a single essay (or similar shorter work) by C.S. Lewis and discuss it with another Lewis expert or enthusiast. The essay discusses is "Is Theology Poetry?" and my guest is  Dr. Holly Ordway.


(Re-Post) EC03r - “Period Criticism” with Kevin Belmonte (Essay Chat)

IN THIS REPEAT: This is the third essay chat I ever did from my occasional series focusing on just a single shorter work by Lewis. Best selling author Kevin Belmonte is my guest. 


In 2012 I started an occasional series of chats about a single essay by Lewis. The following is the third in that series of "essay chats." The shorter worker being explored today with Kevin Belmonte is "Period Criticism." Belmonte is the author of several books, including Defiant Joy: The Remarkable Life & Impact of G.K. Chesterton. "Period Criticism" is found in On Stories.



(Re-Post) EC02r - The Necessity of Chivalry with Dr. Bruce Johnson (Essay Chat)

IN THIS REPEAT: Here's the second essay chat from my occasional series. My guest is Dr. Bruce Johnson and we explore one of Lewis's many shorter works. 

NecessityofChivalry.jpgIn 2012 I started an occasional series of chats about a single essy by Lewis. The following is the second one (and one of the more popular chats) I did with Dr. Bruce Johnson, the Associate Editor of Sehnsucht: The C.S. Lewis Journal. The essay we discussed was "The Necessity of Chivalry," which is found in Present Concerns.


(Re-Post) C.S. Lewis and His Circle (Roger White)

In this repeat: A various authors work with writings from the Oxford C.S. Lewis Society.

LewisandHisCircleWhite.jpgIt's been years since there has been a book featuring contributions from so many people who knew C.S. Lewis. That's the treat in store for you if you get a copy of C.S. Lewis and His Circle, it's a collection of essays and memories presented at the Oxford C.S. Lewis Society. The group began in 1982 and they have had many speakers who were personal friends with Lewis.  I recently chatted with Roger White, one of the editors, about this collection that is new for 2015. The addresses are arranged into two main sections: Essays and Memoirs. The Essays section is divided further into “Philosophy and Theology” and “Literature.” And the Memoirs are subdivided into ones about Lewis and then material that is more about his Inklings friends. 



(Re-Post) 2017 Inklings Weekend in Montreat

IN THIS REPEAT: This was my MOST popular show during 2017. The event has already happen, but learn what they are like and I'll have a podcast on the 2018 even soon. Here's a link to the even itself: http://www.uu.edu/societies/inklings/events/weekend18/ 

- - - - - -

2017_Inklings_Weekend.jpgThe 2017 Inklings Weekend is approaching soon. This event will be in Montreat (N.C.) March 31st – April 2nd. Dr. Hal Poe, who organizes the weekend is the guest for the show. The theme this year is “”G. K. Chesterton and other Voices that Shaped C. S. Lewis.” Speakers at the event include Dr. Joseph Pearce, Nigel Goodwin, along with Don and Hal.



(Re-Post) 2014 Recap, Part TWO

IN THIS REPEAT: A look back at the new podcasts from the second half of 2014.


This is the second of a two-part reflection reviewing some of the podcasts I did over the past year. Previously I did a recap on shows posted through July. This episode picks up in August (when I began to have the audio files host at the new location. As before I mention all the new shows (there were 19) and share a except from most of them. If you check the archive, however, you will notice many older shows were added to the new location and I will continue to do that during 2015. Feel free to leave a comment telling me about your favorite show or make a suggestion of a potential guest.