(Re-Post) COMPLETE Walter Hooper Interview 2016


IN THIS REPEAT: My interview with Walter Hooper from summer 2016.


The following is the complete interview (nearly 60 minutes) with Walter Hooper. It was recording in his home on July 20, 2016. As you likely know, Walter has been the central figure since the death of C.S. Lewis in making sure Lewis' writing that were published in his life were reprinted and also Hooper has edited the majority of material from Lewis that was previously unpublished. His C.S. Lewis - A Companion and Guide gives the best single volume summary of the works of Lewis and key facts about his life.


From Atheism to Christianity (Dr. Joel Heck)


From_Atheism_to_Christianity_Joel_Heck_.jpgC. S. Lewis is most known today as a famous Christian who wrote books like The Chronicles of Narnia and Mere Christianity. You may even know that before his conversion he struggled with NOT wanting to become a Christian. But how much do you know about that struggle. In this podcast interview, Dr. Joel D. Heck shares about his new title that is an insightful and easy to follow recount of Lewis' return to the his earlier faith. The book is called From Atheism to Christianity: The Story of C. S. Lewis. It draws upon extensive research Heck has done and made available on his website.





(Re-Post) Douglas Gresham Interview (2013)


IN THIS REPEAT: Interview with Douglas Gresham, stepson of C.S. Lewis that was recorded in late 2013.


I'm reposting an interview I did with Douglas Gresham (one of C.S. Lewis's stepsons) in late September, 2013 for three reasons. First, a few months ago I switch where I hosted my podcasts and I hadn't yet posted it there and secondly, today (11/29) is the 116th anniversary of Lewis's birth. Finally, while I later did a post with a transcript of this interview, I felt this would be a good chance to make that available in the same post (see link below). At the time I spoke with Gresham he had made a visit to Asbury University and word of the plans for the next Narnia movie hadn't been announced.  


(Re-post) Introducing Why Read Lewis


IN THIS REPEAT: A new series on why reading Lewis himself is important. This debut features six different experts.


Why_Read_Lewis_-_Introduction_GRAPIC.jpgWelcome to a new occasional podcast series designed to encourage you to read books that C.S. Lewis wrote (or edited). Even those who have read a variety of works by him are surprised to learn he wrote more than forty during his lifetime. Additionally, there are numerous books (mostly essay collections) created after his death. As you are likely aware, Lewis wrote in a variety of styles or genres. How many have you read? This new podcast will usually focus on a SINGLE work by Lewis with between three to five individuals sharing thoughts about it. However, because this episode introduces the series, it has comments on six DIFFERENT titles (as noted in the picture). Dr. Michael Ward, Brenton Dickieson, Sørina Higgins, Dr. Crystal Hurd, Dr. Jerry Root and Mark Neal share in this introductory show.



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