(Re-Post) C. S. Lewis at Poets’ Corner [book] (Michael Ward)

IN THIS REPEAT: Events from 2013 on the anniversary of Lewis' dealth; an interview with Dr. Michael Ward about the book C.S. Lewis at Poets' Corner

CSL_at_Poets_Corner_book_.jpgBack in 2013 there were several events to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the death of C.S. Lewis. The key celebrations of his life were held in England and centered around a special event known as C.S. Lewis at Poets' Corner. Now a book has been released sharing the updated transcripts of the talks, the memorial service, the Cambridge Conference and more. Returning guest Dr. Michael Ward spoke about the book that he and Peter S. Williams co-edited.



(Re-Post) C.S. Lewis at War Interview (Paul McCusker) 2016r

IN THIS REPEAT: Lewis was a veteran of WWi and he was informally involved in WWII. Learn more about the in this interview with Paul McCusker.

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Paul McCusker is the Creative Director at Focus on the Family. Many know him for his involvement in Adventures in Odyssey where he has written over 300 shows; and of course he helped create the Radio Theatre Production of The Chronicles of Narnia. In 2013, they released C.S. Lewis at War: The Dramatic Story Behind Mere Christianity. This is the focus on this podcast with William O'Flaherty.


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(Re-post) WRL02 - Dymer

IN THIS REPEAT; From my series about why you should read Lewis; this one about his poem Dymer.

Dymer_3_Covers_.jpgThis podcast focuses on one of the lesser known works by C.S. Lewis; a long narrative poem entitled Dymer. This show is part of an occasional series indirectly begun in 2016 and officially kicked-off this year, 2017. The series is called "Why Read Lewis," and the aim is to encourage you to read or re-read works written by Lewis. Today's program features just three individuals reflecting and/or summarizing Dymer. They are Dr. Jerry Root, Dr. Crystal Hurd and Dr. Don King.
Dymer was first published in 1926, prior to Lewis becoming a Christian and was later reprinted in 1950.



(Re-Post) Taylor Colloquium Keynote Highlights 2018 - pt. 3 of 3

IN THIS REPEAT: The THIRD and final show featuring keynote highlights from the 2018 Taylor Colloquium.

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