Essay Chat #20 – Hamlet: The Prince or the Poem? (Sarah Waters)


"Hamlet: The Prince or the Poem?" is an essay from the academic side of C.S. Lewis. However, even if you are less interested in this type of material, you will still find some useful information from what he discusses.
This is part of an occasional podcast series of "essay chats." Dr. Sarah Waters speaks with William O'Flaherty about the essay. Currently, Sarah is an honorary junior research fellow at the University of Buckingham.
While this essay was first given as a talk in 1938, it was also a lecture he gave in 1942 at the Annual Shakespeare Lecture of the British Academy. Currently, it can be best found in Selected Literary Essays. As with other "essay chats," the purpose of focusing on a single essay is to encourage you to read (or re-read) it and other essays by him that are often neglected.



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