Essay Chat #22 – Psychoanalysis and Literary Criticism (Corey Latta)


Psychoanalysis_and_Literary_Criticism_for_ess..."Psychoanalysis and Literary Criticism" is an essay by C.S. Lewis that has implications beyond either Freud or Literary Criticism. Thus, even if you would normally not read about either subject, you should find this podcast exploring this shorter work by Lewis interesting. Dr. Corey Latta joined William O'Flaherty to discuss this essay on specialized topics. Dr. Latta has been on the podcast several times and has written a few books, including C. S. Lewis and the Art of Writing from 2016. "Psychoanalysis and Literary Criticism," while published in other places, is best available in the collection Selected Literary Essays. As with other "essay chats," the purpose of focusing on a single essay is to encourage you to read (or re-read) it and other essays by Lewis that are often neglected.



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