(Re-Post) FPA / Max McLean (Screwtape) 2019 Interview


IN THIS REPEAT: An interview with Max McLean, founder of Fellowship for Performing Arts and creator of the acclaimed play adaptation of The Screwtape Letters.


FPA-Max_McLean_2019_Interview.jpgFellowship for Performing Arts (FPA) is a not-for-profit production company founded by Max McLean. It is known for adapting The Screwtape Letters for the stage, but there are many other excellent plays they have done. In this podcast interview (recorded March 2019), William O'Flaherty spoke with Max about the Screwtape production, the other Lewis-related plays, as well as other shows FPA has done. Hear Max reveal that his adaptation of The Great Divorce will be touring again soon and other interesting details, like how C.S. Lewis dramatically impacted his own life. 



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