(Re-Post) 17r Essay Chat - Horrid Red Things (Dr. Charlie Starr)


IN THIS REPEAT: Here's an essay chat with Dr. Charlie Starr about the shorter work entitled HORRID RED THINGS.

EC17r_-_Horrid_Red_Things.jpgAfter beginning an occasional series examining a single essay from Lewis in 2012 and doing more than a dozen that year, I ended up doing a lot fewer since that time. The following discussion with Dr. Charlie Starr was first released in April, 2013. It’s on the essay “Horrid Red Things.” The hope is that by listening to this essay chat you will want to read or re-read it. “Horrid Red Things” can be most easily found in a collection called God in the Dock. Charlie has been on several other shows since this essay chat. Be sure to check the links below to hear the other programs.