(Re-Post) 2016 Podcast Recap


IN THIS REPEAT: If you are new to my podcast, here's a great way to learn about all the new ones I did in 2016.

2016_Podcast_Recap.jpgDuring 2016 I shared a variety of shows on my All About Jack podcast. While less than thirty were brand new, close to fifteen I shared had not been available previously at the location where I now have my audio files hosted. Below you'll find a list of the programs that weren't tied to just 2016 (that is, events held during that year). In the past two years I did a two-part show that shared brief excerpts from nearly all of the totally new show, but frankly I just didn't have the time to do that. So, be sure to look over the list to discover podcasts you might have missed or want to hear again. Additionally, in 2016 I began to post in my iTunes and Podbean feed older shows, or reminders of programs from the current year. What you'll hear in this podcast is a couple of highlights from three shows that showcase the variety of programs I had.





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