(Re-Post) Ruth Pitter Biography (Dr. Don King)


In this repeat: The last new episode - Don King talks about his biography on Ruth Pitter, a friend of Lewis.

Hunting_the_Unicorn.jpgThe women surrounding C.S. Lewis is often a mystery to even the serious reader of his works. Apart from Lewis' mother and wife, Ruth Pitter stands as one of the most significant women in his life. You might know she was a poet, but did you know how much she helped Lewis with his poetry? Also, was there more than a friendship interest between her and Lewis? Dr. Don King explores her life in Hunting the Unicorn: A Critical Biography of Ruth Pitter. There has been a recent interest in exploring the females in Lewis' life so it seemed a good time to learn more about her. Dr. Crystal Hurd fills in as guest host to interview Don. 

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