(Re-Post) Teaching Screwtape to a New Generation (Brenton Dickieson)


Here's a repeat of a paper Brenton Dickieson did in 2012 about challenges of teaches Screwtape to a new generation. 


Various editions of The Screwtape Letters was released over the years during the month of February. In light of that an encore of a previous podcast related to Screwtape is posted today. Back in 2012 Brenton Dickieson was one of several individuals who read a paper at the 2012 C.S. Lewis Colloquium at Taylor University.  For his presentation he read the highlights of  "The Pedagogical Value of The Screwtape Letters for a New Generation" (see link below to read the complete paper). He also shared  a Prezi presentation during the talk (that you can watch by following the link below).

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