(Re-Post) WRL01 - The Last Battle


IN THIS REPEAT: The first official show in the occassional series Why Read C.S. Lewis. This one is on THE LAST BATTLE. 

Last_Battle_three_covers_.jpgThis podcast focuses on The Last Battle and is part of a new series that I "accidentally" began in 2016. It was then that I gathered together a handful of individuals giving a testimony on a particular work by C.S. Lewis. It started with the fact that The Screwtape Letters first came out in weekly installments in 1941 and I wanted to honor this landmark and encourage people to read or re-read that book. Later I realized that it would be fruitful to spotlight EACH of Lewis' works that way. So, I began to record a variety of individuals on a few books that had similar landmark anniversaries last year. This project was delayed and then I realized there was no need to select works based on a particular anniversary of publication.

It may seem odd to begin a spotlight on one of the Narnia books by presenting testimonies on The Last Battle. This title was selected initially because last year was the 60th anniversary of its release. So, I already had enough people recorded to release the show and thought why not go ahead and share it! On the show today (in order of appearance) is: Christin Ditchfield Lazo, Dennis Beets, Gina Dalfonzo, Dr. Holly Ordway and Dr. Michael Ward.