(Re-Post) 11-12r Essay Chat - The Vision of John Bunyan (Kevin Belmonte)


IN THIS REPEAT: An essay chat on the shorter work "The Vision of John Bunyan." The essay was first published on December 13, 1962.

TheVisionofJohnBunyan.jpg"The Vision of John Bunyan" was the topic for my 11th and 12th essay chat back in 2012. For this re-release I combined the shows because together they are just over twenty minutes. Kevin Belmonte, who joined me for the third essay chat (and other shows) returned for this discussion. As always, in addition to exploring several key points in the article, you will learn background information about it, as well as related articles or books on a similar topic. "The Vision of John Bunyan" is best found in Selected Literary Essays (a title that was re-issued in paperback and made available in eBook for the first time in late 2013).



(Re-Post) Out of My Bone - The Letters of Joy Davidman (Dr. Don King)


IN THIS REPEAT: Learn more about Joy Davidman, the wife of C.S. Lewis through her own letters!

OutofMyBone.jpgBack in 2012 I did my first interview with Dr. Don King. It was on the 2009 book entitled Out of My Bone: The Letters of Joy Davidman. This is the first time I've reposted the interview since I've had my podcast at the Podbean location. In this chat I also had Don answer some questions about his favorite Lewis book and recommendations about books by and about Lewis. Of course, he provides interesting background information about the letters of Joy Davidman and five key reasons why they are important to read.



(Re-Post) Not Quite Lewis - Questionable Lewisian Quotations (William O’Flaherty)


IN THIS REPEAT: Here's a short talk from William O'Flaherty from 2015 examining quotes attributed to Lewis...are they really from him?

NotQuiteLewis.jpgC.S. Lewis wrote many statements that standalone as great short quotations. However, some quotes when isolated from their context are actually problematic. That is, apart from their setting they often yield a very different understanding of what Lewis meant. Then there are quotes attributed to Lewis that are actually a incorrect paraphrase of something he wrote. This podcast explores these issues. It is William O'Flaherty presenting a twenty minute paper at the recent CSLIS conference that was held in Grove City, PA this year (late March, 2015). See below to read the actual paper and listen to a previous talk about quotations falsely attributed to Lewis.



(Re-Post) The Surprising Imagination of C.S. Lewis (Dr. Jerry Root)


IN THIS REPEAT: Dr. Jerry Root on The Surprising Imagination of C.S. Lewis, from a conversation with him about it before the book came out.

TheSuprisingImaginationofCSLewis.jpgDr. Jerry Root is a well respected scholar on C.S. Lewis and a much sought after speaker in general. Jerry sat down with William O'Flaherty just before the start of the CSLIS conference (that was held at Grove City this year) to talk about a forthcoming book entitled The Surprising Imagination of C.S. Lewis that is due out in September (2015). Dr. Root is an Associate Professor at Wheaton College and Director of Wheaton Evangelism Initiative, Billy Graham Center for Evangelism.



(Re-Post) The A – Z of C.S. Lewis (Colin Duriez)


IN THE REPEAT: Another great resource from Colin Duriez from a few years ago. 

Many books came out in 2013 on C.S. Lewis (the 50th anniversary of his death). Two alone actually came from Colin Duriez. I’m repeating the interview I did about his second because my previous place of hosting my audio files no longer has it there. The book is called The A – Z of C.S. Lewis: A Complete Guide to His Life, Thoughts and Writings. It takes an encyclopedic approach to the topic and thus provides a person to aspects of Lewis’s life and writings that might be left unnoticed. In this interview Colin provides details about the layout of the book and shares some selections from it.


(Re-Post) Seven Literary Sages (Christian History magazine)


IN THIS REPEAT: An interview about an issue of Christian History (magazine) about Lewis and those who influenced him and/or were his contemporaries.  


C.S. Lewis is among a group of six other authors honored at the Marion E. Wade Center ("The Wade") at Wheaton College in Illinois. George MacDonald, G. K. Chesterton, J. R. R. Tolkien, Dorothy L. Sayers, Charles Williams, and Owen Barfield are the other individuals you can do in-depth research on in one location. But what if you wanted to learn about one key idea that each of these authors were known for? That's where the latest issue of Christian History comes in. They've just released an issue entitled "Seven Literary Sages" that accomplishes that and much more. William O'Flaherty spoke with Dr. Jennifer Woodruff Tait, the managing editor of the magazine to learn about an issue that features content by Dr. Michael Ward, Dr. David Downing and Colin Duriez.



(Re-Post) Teaching Screwtape to a New Generation (Brenton Dickieson)


IN THIS REPEAT: Another "Screwtape" feature. This one is not an interview, but a short talk.


Various editions of The Screwtape Letters was released over the years during the month of February. In light of that an encore of a previous podcast related to Screwtape is posted today. Back in 2012 Brenton Dickieson was one of several individuals who read a paper at the 2012 C.S. Lewis Colloquium at Taylor University.  For his presentation he read the highlights of  "The Pedagogical Value of The Screwtape Letters for a New Generation" (see link below to read the complete paper). He also shared  a Prezi presentation during the talk (that you can watch by following the link below).



(Re-Post) The C.S. Lewis Collection (Logos Bible Software)


IN THIS REPEAT: This is not a perfect collection and it is pricey, but, if you want a single place to have electronic copies of many books by Lewis then this is very useful.


There have been eBook versions of various book by C.S. Lewis for some time. However, unless you were a computer wiz there wasn't an easy way to search multiple books by Lewis. However, soon that will all change. William O'Flaherty recently spoke with Joel Muddamalle from Logos Bible Software about a 30 book collection of works by Lewis that is scheduled to release by the first week of March, 2015. Before it releases you can save over $100 off the regular list price. Learn more about this collection and what you can do with it either on its own or with Logos Bible Software.


(Re-Post) Beyond the Shadowlands (Wayne Martindale)


IN THIS REPEAT: Interview with Wayne Martindale.about Beyond the Shadowlands 

BeyondtheShadowlands.jpgIf you spoke with ten people about the topic of Heaven and Hell you were likely get more than a dozen viewpoints! C.S. Lewis wrote a lot on the issue through-out his nonfiction and fictional works. In Beyond the Shadowlands, Dr. Wayne Martindale details Lewis's views on the subject in an easy to read format. Dr. Martindale is a professor of English at Wheaton College, Illinois and was also involved in The Quotable Lewis and The Soul of C.S. Lewis.



(Re-Post) The Pilgrim’s Regress (Wade Annotated Edition)


IN THIS REPEAT: Three years ago (2014) this special edition of The Pilgrim's Regress was published.


C.S. Lewis's first Christian book has been a difficult read for most individuals, however a newly released edition makes it easier to understand. Dr. David Downing is the editor of The Pilgrim's Regress: Wade Annotated Edition. William O'Flaherty spoke with Dr. Downing recently about how he became involved in the project, along with what types of helps he provides in this version of the 1933 volume. Previously Dr. Downing has been on the show to discuss his books The Most Reluctant Convert and Looking for the King (see below for links). 


(Re-Post) EC01r - “Sometimes Fairy Stories…” with Dr. Holly Ordway (Essay Chat)


IN THIS REPEAT: Here's a reminder of my occasional essay chat series with this re-post of the first one I did with Dr. Holly Ordway. Many people overlook the fact that Lewis work many shorter works. These essays cover a range of topics. 


The following is a repeat of the debut series I've simply called an "essay chat." For those not familiar with it, the purpose of this program is to focus on a single essay (or similar shorter work) by C.S. Lewis and discuss it with another Lewis expert or enthusiast. This first one was done with Dr. Holly Ordway on the essay  "Sometimes Fairy Stories Say Best What's to be Said."


(Re-Post) The Collected Poems of C. S. Lewis (Dr. Don King)


IN THIS REPEAT:: More from Dr. Don King. This time it's on The Collected Poems of C.S. Lewis.

CollectedPoemsofLewisDonKing.jpgSome Lewis readers are unaware that he wrote poetry (or at best are uninterested in it). Dr. Don King, editor of The Collected Poems of C.S. Lewis: A Critical Edition, believes such individuals are missing out on not only gaining a better understanding of the author, but they are also depriving themselves of some great writings. William O'Flaherty spoke with him about the scope of this new book (scheduled to released January 7, 2015) that brings together nearly all of the poetry of C.S. Lewis.


(Re-Post) Plain to the Inward Eye (Dr. Don King)


IN THIS REPEAT: Dr. Don King, a specialist in the poetry of C.S. Lewis, shares about a book that collects various material he wrote over the years on Lewis.


In 2013 Dr. Don King released a book called Plain to the Inward Eye. The book is a collection of essays and William O'Flaherty discusses a variety of the content that includes many book reviews. Additionally, Dr. King shares his thoughts (not included in the book) about the Dr. McGrath's biography on Lewis, forthcoming material about Joy Davidman and his six most enjoyed essays by Lewis..


(Re-Post) The Company They Keep (Dr. Diana Glyer)


IN THIS REPEAT: Before Bandersnatch, Dr. Glyer wrote this landmark book, The Company They Keep


Dr. Diana Glyer is a professor of English at Azusa Pacific University.When her The Company They Keep came out several years ago it was instantly recognized as a great work on the Inklings. Listen as William O'Flaherty spoke with her about this landmark book in an interview from 2012 before she was one of the guest at a retreat by the C.S. Lewis Foundation. Because that retreat is over comments about it was removed (but there is a link below to learn about any new events they have).


(Re-Post) The Myth of Love Lecture Series (Andrew Lazo)


IN THIS REPEAT: My my recent interview with Andrew Lazo about his project on TILL WE HAVE FACES.

Myth_of_Love_POSTER_Andrew_Lazo_.jpgEven those who enjoy the wide variety of books by C.S. Lewis are sometimes confused when they get to his last published novel, Till We Have Faces. What was he trying to do with the retelling of the story of Cupid and Psyche? How could he completely turn from writing material for Christians to release such a strange tale? Why did consider it his best book? Inklings scholar Andrew Lazo has been studying Till We Have Faces for many years and believes he can help both those who enjoy the book and those who are puzzled by it. This podcast interview details a new lecture series for late 2017 and early 2018 that will be a book in the near future. Learn a few of the insights Lazo has made and how he might be coming to a city near you to speak on the topic.




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