Joy, both parts (Abigail Santamaria)


While I just released my interview with Abigail Santamaria in two parts, due to the popularity of those shows it seems there are those who would like the convenience of having them combined. So, that's what this episode is, simply both chats in a single show. While nothing new has been added, the ending from the first part and introduction of the second has been removed (thus both shows together are shorter than the two combined).  As noted previously, this is the first book from Abigail Santamaria and its the first full-length biography on Joy Davidman, who was an accomplished writer before she married C.S. Lewis. Some of the topics explored in this interview with William O'Flaherty include how Abigail became interested in Joy's life and about what the Davidman household was like growing up, Joy's first marriage to Bill Gresham, how Joy met Lewis, some factors that led to her divorce and how she ultimately married Lewis twice. 

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