Once Upon a Wardrobe (Patti Callahan)


Once_Upon_a_Wardrobe_Patti_be69p.jpgHave you ever wondered how C.S. Lewis came to create the land of Narnia? Imagine if you were a student at Oxford at the time he was writing them and you had a chance to ask him? What would Lewis say? You don't have to imagine because bestselling fictional writer Patti Callahan has done the work for you. Dr. Sarah Waters interviewed her for the All About Jack podcast about how she based her story on true-to-life events. As you listen you will learn about her process of creating a fictionalized account in not only an interesting way, but also while adapting them from the real-life Lewis. Patti also shares an update on the possibility of her Becoming Mrs. Lewis book being adapted into a show. Special thanks to Sarah for hosting this podcast episode.


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