(Re-Post) 200 Seconds in Hell with C.S. Lewis Episode 5


IN THIS REPEAT: The 5th episode of 200 Seconds series to encourage you to read The Screwtape Letters


Democracy is a very important word here on Earth and in Hell. So much so, that the devils want to create confusion about what the word actually means. That's why their philological department is hard at work to keep the real meaning out of our minds. When you listen to the fifth episode of "200 Seconds in Hell with C.S. Lewis" you'll learn some of what Screwtape thinks about how the practical meaning of democracy can be twisted.

2017 is the 75th anniversary of when The Screwtape Letters was first published. So, why not read it again! And consider getting my enhanced study guide to help you enjoy it even more. Get a free 20 page PDF sample of my book via ScrewtapeCompanion.com.



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