(Re-Post) C. S. Lewis and the Craft of Communication (Steven Beebe)


IN THIS REPEAT: My recent interview with Dr. Steven Beebe about his book dealing with Lewis as a Communicator. 

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 Communicating is something everyone does every day, but do you do it effectively? C.S. Lewis knew it was important to convey his ideas in a way for others to understand and many consider him a master at communications. In this podcast interview Dr. Steven Beebe, author of several textbooks related to that topic, explores why Lewis was an effective communicator. His book, new for 2020, is C. S. Lewis and the Craft of Communication. After many years of studying the topic, he found five principles that represent how and why Lewis was effective at communicating. The categories he created make up a clever phrase very apt for Lewis: "HI-TEA."


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