(Re-Post) C.S. Lewis Goes to Heaven


IN THIS REPEAT: a reader's guide to The Great Divorce.

CSLewisGoestoHeaven.jpgWith the publication of my book about The Screwtape Letters approaching soon (it should be out by late March, 2016), I thought I'd remind you of a book by the same publisher about The Great Divorce. That book is called C.S. Lewis Goes to HEAVEN and it came out in 2012. I spoke with the author, Dr. David Clarkwhen it came out but also shared it again last January. I'm sharing it again for those who may not have caught it then, but this also serves as a reminder to consider this resource to help you further enjoy a fictional book by Lewis that is sometimes overlooked.


C.S. Lewis's The Great Divorce originally came out nearly 70 years ago (that is the book, which was published January 14, 1946; but it was released in weekly installments starting on November 10, 1944). Back in 2012 William O'Flaherty spoke with Dr. David Clark about a book that is a study guide and more to this great and often neglected work of fiction. His book is called C.S. Goes to Heaven. It examines Lewis's work from three main angles: Sociology, Geography and Theology. There is also three appendices dealing with a summary of the characters, Biblical references and historical people and literary references.


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