(Re-Post) Douglas Gresham Interview (2013)


IN THIS REPEAT: Interview with Douglas Gresham, stepson of C.S. Lewis that was recorded in late 2013.


I'm reposting an interview I did with Douglas Gresham (one of C.S. Lewis's stepsons) in late September, 2013 for three reasons. First, a few months ago I switch where I hosted my podcasts and I hadn't yet posted it there and secondly, today (11/29) is the 116th anniversary of Lewis's birth. Finally, while I later did a post with a transcript of this interview, I felt this would be a good chance to make that available in the same post (see link below). At the time I spoke with Gresham he had made a visit to Asbury University and word of the plans for the next Narnia movie hadn't been announced.  

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