(Re-Post) Essay Chat #21 - Learning in War-Time (Alan Snyder)


IN THIS REPEAT: Here's the most recent essay chat..."Learning in War-Time" with Dr. Alan Snyder


Learning_in_War-Time_for_essay_chat_94gh1.jpg"Learning in War-Time" is an essay by C.S. Lewis that has application beyond its original context. This is why it was selected for my occasional podcast series focusing on a single shorter work by him. Dr. K. Alan Snyder joined William O'Flaherty to discuss this insightful essay. Dr. Snyder is a historian and has written a variety of books in that realm, in addition to the 2016 title, America Discovers C. S. Lewis. "Learning in War-Time" was actually the first sermon by Lewis and was given before he was well-known. Today it is best found in the collection The Weight of Glory. As with other "essay chats," the purpose of focusing on a single essay is to encourage you to read (or re-read) it and other essays by Lewis that are often neglected.

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