(Re-Post) Inkling-Plus Premiere Global Conference (Ron Vinson)


IN THIS REPEAT: An interview about the upcoming (September 2022) Inkling-Plus event in Montreat, NC. NOTE - the dates are revised!


Inklilngs_Plus_March_202275lm0.jpg PLEASE NOTE - The dates for this event are REVISED!

The Presbyterian Heritage Center (PHC) is hosting another great event related to C.S. Lewis. Their Inkling-Plus Premiere Global Conference is called "From Shakespeare to the Inklings: The Bible's Impact on Creative Imagination." It will be held at the Montreat Conference Center from Wednesday, September 7th to Friday, September 9th. This podcast interview is with Ron Vinson, who is the Executive Director of the PHC. Speakers at the event are Harry (Hal) Poe, Crystal Downing, David Downing, Diana Glyer, Don King, Hannibal Hamlin, Tim Ternes, Sorina Higgins, Sarah Waters, and Michael Morgan.


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