(Re-Post) Lewis Symposium 2019 Male Panel Discussion, pt. 1



IN THIS REPEAT: The first of a two-part panel discussion from November 2019 event in Montreat, NC. 

What follows is a podcast of the first part of the panel discussion featuring the males who were speakers at C.S. Lewis: Influence & Relevance Today - An International Symposium of the Presbyterian Heritage Center (PHC) that was held at the Montreat Conference Center November 6-8, 2019. They were Drs. Don King, Jerry Root, David Downing, and Hal Poe. As noted in the introduction, this recording is from my own equipment and not from what the PHC recorded. Doing it this way was the quickest way to get the show out. The second part of this show should be posted a few days after this one (link will be below when it is available). Also, as any official video or other audio is made available then this page will be updated to reflect that information.



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