(Re-Post) The Heart of Light (Dr. Charlie Starr)



IN THIS REPEAT: I usually don't stray too far from material related to Lewis, but here's somewhat of an except. A fictional work by a Lewis scholar that had inspiration from him.


I'm sharing an interview from respected C.S. Lewis scholar Dr. Charlie Starr, but it's not directly about Lewis. However, Charlie does announce news about upcoming articles related to Lewis towards the end of the show. However, the main focus is on a brand new fictional book that is influenced in part by Lewis and done in the vein of his Science Fiction trilogy. The book is called The Heart of Light: A Tale of Solomon Star and it is the first of what should be many great adventures. This is also different in another way, I had Dr. Crystal Hurd, a frequent guest on All About Jack conduct the interview. As you may remember she actually did another interview for me in 2013. It was a brief visit with Dr. Malcolm Guite.