The Making of C.S. Lewis, pt. 2 (Dr. Hal Poe)


The_Making_of_CSL_pt2_2nd_Bio_-_POE_a96nl.jpgThis is the second and final part of an interview with Dr. Harry Lee Poe about the new book (2021 release) entitled The Making of C.S. Lewis (1918–1945): From Atheist to Apologist. Follow the link below to hear the first part. It mentioned Poe's discovery of a recording Lewis made during WWII that was unknown until a few years ago. In this part, he goes into more detail about it (as he includes a transcript of the record he found). Additionally, he tells more details about the most productive years had in terms of writing and a variety of events happening in his personal life. Plus, learn details about the third biography (releasing 2022) covering his life after 1945.




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