UNOFFICIAL Most Reluctant Convert Audio Commentary


UNOFFICIAL_Audio_Commentary_MRC8ny85.jpgThe following special edition of the All About Jack podcast features an UNOFFICIAL audio commentary of the movie The Most Reluctant Convert: The Untold Story of C.S. Lewis starring Max McLean. Drs. Crystal Hurd and Charlie Starr joined William O’Flaherty to provide reflections on the movie itself and interesting facts about C.S. Lewis to help you enjoy the movie more and gain insight into Lewis himself.

When you listen to the audio commentary, it will instruct you to start your copy of the movie at the ONE-minute mark of the podcast. That way you should be able to easily keep in sync with the podcast audio commentary and wherever you are watching the movie. To help with that you will faintly hear the audio of the movie in the background of the audio commentary (it is a little louder at first to help you keep in sync, but fades lower after about ten minutes.

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