Walter Hooper Tribute - Episode 2


Hooper_Tribute_-_Eposide_27uiwx.jpgThis is actual the FIFTH (and final) podcast to honor the legacy of Walter Hooper. He died on December 7, 2020. While it is the second show for the All About Jack podcast, two other podcasters have done some shows reflecting on the life and image of Hooper (see links below). Some are unaware that he was THE key person in making sure several books published by Lewis before his death stayed in print, as well as collecting and releasing new material that many enjoy today. In this episode, you will hear from a handful of people who knew Walter reflecting on some of their interactions with him (see the list below).
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The 3rd show is found at The Lamp-post Listener podcast. It was posted on January 11th - LISTEN HERE.
The 4th show is back at Pints with Jack, it posted on January 12th; hear it here.


These are the people sharing in this episode (in order of appearance):




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