(Re-Post) For the Sake of the Story (Dr. Donald T. Williams) 2016r



IN THIS REPEAT: Here's a talk from a few years about by Dr. Don Williams about deals with what to do with views by Lewis that don't seem to fit traditional Christian beliefs. I was given permissions by Dr. Williams to share it when my show was hosted at another location, but only re-shared it here late last year. 

For_the_Sake_of_the_Story.jpgThe following is the main part of an inaugural lecture from Dr. Donald T. Williams called "For the Sake of the Story: Doctrine and Discernment in Reading C.S. Lewis." Dr. Williams is a Professor of English and Chair of the Humanities and Natural Sciences Department at Toccoa Falls College in Northeast Georgia. This audio is from a video available online that includes a questions and answers segment not included here. Of special note is a new book by Dr. Williams that expands on many of the ideas presented in this talk. That new book (published December, 2016) is Deeper Magic: The Theology Behind The Writings of C.S.Lewis.