2019 Douglas Gresham Interview


2019_Gresham_2.jpgBack in 2013, I did my first interview with Douglas Gresham (stepson of C.S. Lewis). What follows is a new conversation I had with him that occurred in early November 2019 at an event hosted by the Presbyterian Heritage Center at their International Symposium on C. S. Lewis. The reason for the delay in my posting of it is I only received a copy of it less than a week ago. There are two things to note about this interview. One, it had already been established prior to the interview that there was not anything new to report about the progress of the deal with Netflix, and secondly, there had already been a general interview with him by Dr. Don King earlier at the event (see link below to watch it). The focus of my conversation was mostly on the Narnia books and films. 




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