(Re-Post) The Narnia Code Series 01 (Shows 1-3)


IN THIS REPEAT: Revisiting the re-release of my Narnia Code series with Dr. Michael Ward; episodes 1-3 in one podcast.

NarniaCode011-3.jpgBack in 2012 I had the privilege to interview Dr. Michael Ward for a series of thirteen episodes to discuss his book The Narnia Code. With me to help co-host the show was Dr. Holly Ordway. Due to the length of the series I had hesitated to re-release it even though I change my podcast hosting location. However, because in 2015 it was the 65th anniversary of the publication of the first Narnia story I felt it was a good time; especial when I decided to combine several episodes to make it into a five-part series. What follows is the first three programs where the initial three chapters from the book are explored to set the stage for Dr Ward's discovery.